Poultry Processing Services Deposit


There is a 1 dollar non-refundable deposit per bird booked for processing. Your deposit, crate rental and processing options will apply towards your final invoice after processing. We process chickens between May to Oct Monday to Wednesday excluding statutory holidays. Turkeys are processed between Sept 16th and Oct 9th.

A maximum of 250 broiler chickens can be processed per day, or a maximum of 75 Turkeys, or 75 heritage chickens can be processed per day. Custom labeling is $.50 per bird or complimentary if you have 20+ chickens or 51+ turkey.

Bookings are per customer only, please do not combine your booking with another person. If you do book together, all birds will be processed as one order and not separated.

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Getting Ready for Processing

Once you have booked your processing date, the following steps are required:

Before Transport:

  • If you require crates to transport your birds, you may add a Crate Rental to your booking here:
    Crate Rentals
  • Spring Valley Ranch will contact you two weeks prior to processing to re-confirm the number of birds to be processed.
  • Withhold all feed and/or access to feed and pasture the evening prior to delivery. We will contact you prior as a reminder. This so there is minimal fecal matter remaining in the bird at time of processing. This makes the process cleaner and more sanitary for both of us. Failure to do so will result in a $2.50 per bird contamination/crop fee for the entire flock. This fee also applies if extra cleaning is required such as blackheads caused by mites or excessive broken feathers.
  • Do not restrict the bird’s access to water. Your poultry should be free to drink as much as they please before drop-off at Spring Valley Ranch.

Handling and Transport:

  • You will need to transport your birds. To protect your birds from injury, undue stress, and suffocation, DO NOT overcrowd them. By providing plenty of space, you’ll ensure safe delivery to the processing facility.
  • Transportation cages and/or holding containers are the responsibility of the livestock owner, it maybe requested that your birds be moved into our cages and/or holding containers.
  • Cages must be tagged with name and number of poultry per cage.
  • CIFA regulates the transportation of livestock. Humane handling and transport are subject to CFIA inspection, and CFIA inspectors may inspect your livestock. For more information on our animal welfare policies, please click here.

Drop Off:

  • Deliver your poultry between 5:30 – 6:00 PM One day before processing.
  • Should the weather be hot (over 25°C) on the day of drop off please call, text, or email to arrange a later drop off time.

Picking Up Your Processed Poultry:

  • Please bring tubs (or coolers) and ice with you at the time of pick-up. Ice is available for $6.00/bag at time of pick-up.
  • Your processed poultry will be available for pick-up the same day as processing. Pick-up times are between 5:00 – 5:30 PM on your processing date. Payment must be made in full before pick-up via e-transfer, cash or credit card.