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Animal Welfare.

At Spring Valley Ranch, we work hard to protect the health and welfare of the animals in our care. Our poultry is raised ethically in a pasture setting.

Our Promise to Customers

They are free to roam and forage naturally with space to dust and scratch.

Our birds are never over-crowded or under stress and are protected from the elements. We also practice humane end-of-life at the time of slaughter. Spring Valley Ranch maintains a high duty of care to both our animals and those delivered to our facility for processing. We promise that all animals will be provided:

  • Protection from weather and the elements
  • Water and/or feed (as required)
  • Swift, humane slaughter
  • Humane levels of space and movement (our birds are never overcrowded)

Our Expectations from Clients

We expect the animals delivered to our facility for processing to be:

  • Transported humanely (in cages that are never overcrowded)
  • Transported in compliance with all provincial regulations (CFIA may inspect your livestock)
  • Handled humanely (no tossing, kicking, etc.)
  • Delivered to our facility uninjured and free of disease

We believe quality comes from healthy poultry treated with respect and professionalism. Rest assured your birds will be treated as we treat our own – humanely and with the utmost care.