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From Our Farm to Your Table.

Spring Valley Ranch is a family-owned and run business specializing in the raising and processing of organically fed, pasture-raised chicken and turkeys.

Fresh Farm Products

Our facility is capable of processing up to 125 chickens (or 75 turkeys) a day.

Our processing includes slaughter, process, and package of products that are ready for resale.

We are licensed in British Columbia under Class B. A government trained and certified inspector is present to inspect each flock before and after slaughter.

Featured Products

BC Grown / Pasture Raised / Organically Fed

Featured Products

BC Grown / Pasture Raised / Organically Fed

Your Exclusive Poultry Processor

Spring Valley Ranch exclusively offers chicken and turkeys – both fresh and frozen.

Fresh poultry is on offer on a pre-order basis three times a year (May, July, and October). Frozen poultry is available throughout the year for pickup and limited delivery.

If you have your own poultry that needs slaughter and processing, our services are available (pre-scheduled) between May 10 and October 20 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (except statutory holidays).